Socially Ranked Content

We are the official home of Social Rank. In a nutshell, Social Rank is crowdsourced curation. Social rank aggregates all the social metrics for a given piece of content. With this metric, we can then rank content in any given vertical by its social popularity.

Curated Sources

IT Agility has spent years curating and classifying tens of thousands of internet content sources. Now with over 900 categories of industries, topics, and interests, we can generate trending news for pratically every vertical.

Cloud Platform

Our robust cloud platform allows content to be streamed or pulled anywhere utilizing a wide array of easy-to-use APIs, plugins, and custom integrations.

Acquire and Engage your Audience. See how.

At FanNewscast, we help you acquire and build fans by leveraging custom content channels in Facebook and on the web. These content driven marketing approaches have proven to significantly reduce the cost-per-fan and to increase engagement.

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Engaged Communities. An Affiliate Company.

MobSoc Media enables brands to precisely target the most relevant audiences in the mobile and social platforms. For brand marketers and advertisers, MobSoc offers precise targeting of relevant audiences in the mobile and social sphere where they can easily share and connect. As a result, MobSoc delivers some of the highest engagement rates in the industry – up to 7 times higher than the category average.

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